About Us

Highly qualified and experienced in accounting, taxation, wealth, finance, business development and mentoring, the cfo2go team provides businesses with a full-time professional focus for a part-time cost. A major advantage of cfo2go for increasingly cost-conscious business owners is the ability to access a broad range of professional financial expertise with the one budget.

If your business is new, undergoing change, growth or restructuring, then cfo2go can make a positive difference.

Driving business owners to thrive, cfo2go is showing clients how to implement production efficiencies, generate savings, drive growth and innovation, and generate timely and meaningful financial reports.

cfo2go also provide an interim measure for companies who need regular access to professional advice but are concerned about making a major financial commitment to employ a full-time CFO in-house.

cfo2go’s professional framework is shaped by the core goals of achieving real and measurable strategic objectives. Our broad spectrum of clients hail from media, hospitality, finance, retail, professional and manufacturing backgrounds, and we challenge them to take a different perspective towards achieving their goals.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are shown how to implement the sorts of systems larger businesses have – something which significantly improves business performance while also giving the business owner more personal freedom. Want to move your business to the cloud? Get in touch with one of our cloud accounting specialists here.

Clients find they initially require intensive assistance from us, however this is often reduced to fortnightly, monthly or quarterly strategic management meetings down the track.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts and discuss how cfo2go can help your business, please contact us.